Top 13 Affordable Coffee Gifts for 2024

Discovering the perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts just got easier with our expertly curated list of coffee gift ideas. Whether you’re seeking a monthly subscription of unique coffees or searching for the latest brewing equipment, our selection caters to all preferences.

Delve into the enchanting world of coffee, akin to the complexity of wine but accessible to all. Fear not the intricacies of coffee culture; our list simplifies the process, offering affordable yet delightful gifts for every coffee lover.

Explore our top 13 budget-friendly coffee gifts for 2024, carefully compiled with insights from coffee pros, baristas, and aficionados, ensuring a smile on the face of even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

13 Affordable Coffee Gifts for 2024

I reached out to coffee pro’s, baristas, shop owners, and other experts to assemble this list of the best inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers, with a range of options for all. This includes gifts for those just starting their journey in coffee all the way to those who may have personally toured a remote Ethiopian coffee farm.

1. Hario V60 Drip Scale And Timer

For anyone that really enjoys their coffee and wants to make sure its brewed the right way each and every time, then having a accurate scale is one of the most important items one can have.

This is because one of the often overlooked aspects of coffee brewing is measuring out the right coffee to water ratio and using a scale is much more accurate then a scoop ( or worse the ol “eyeball” method) for doing this.

This scale is battery operated and has measurements in such small amounts as grams which is great for measuring out the right amounts of coffee (and water) for making the perfect brew.

It can be found on Amazon

2. Clever Dripper

The easiest and perhaps tastiest way to make coffee. Its an immersion brewer (similar to a French Press) where you just the coffee and water and after 4 minutes simply let it drain into your favorite coffee mug.

Its a coffee brewer that offers unique flavors and the perfect balance, it’s hard to beat a good immersion coffee brewer. The single cup Clever Dripper makes consistently flavorful, balanced cups, thanks to its even water drainage and easy-to-use design. Plus, it comes in three different materials—glass, ceramic, and plastic—to suit the style of your favorite coffee lover.

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3. Breville Milk Cafe

Using this frother is very quick and easy. First, you need to determine if you want frothed milk or just heated milk with a very slight froth. For frothed milk, you use the whisk attachment and for heated milk, you use the stirring one. Once you determine the milk style, put the appropriate attachment in the container.

Pour in the desired amount between ~6oz to 25oz depending on style. Set the temperature and then push the Start/Stop button. The frother will beep and start frothing. When done, it will beep twice and stop.

If the person you are getting the gift for (or you) has a stovetop espresso machine like a Moka Pot or other frother-less unit but still wants to make the perfect morning latte every now and then, this stainless steel immersion frother will let them enjoy great, near barista-quality coffee drinks from their kitchen without the high price. This frother makes the person who like to add milk (or alternative) to their coffee taste even better.

You can find one on Amazon

4. Yeti Travel Mug

If you don’t have the time to drink your coffee at home or maybe you travel alot then you need a mug that will keep your coffee hot or cold and at the same time easy to drink from. Yeti mugs have a reputation for solving both of the issues.

They are made out of stainless steel, are dishwasher safe and come double insulated to keep your hot coffee or cold brew at a consistent temperature.

Now these mug may be a little more expensive then others but as with most things, you get what you pay for. For example,  the magnetic lid slides easily, keeps spills at bay, and is easy to clean and who can put a price tag on that?

The 12oz Yeti Rambler can be found locally but if not you can check it out on Amazon

5. Chemex

If you want to give a coffee gift that is not only a great brewer but also a piece of art then a Chemex is the way to go. It was originally designed in 1941 and has very minor changes done to it since that day. This classic pour over coffee brewer is great either for personal use or for get togethers with family and friends.

Brewing with a chemex and its unique triple ply filter will result in a clean, bright and tasty coffee. What set it apart from another of our favorite brewers, the clever dripper, you can get it a variety of sizes, so its ideal for get togethers with friends and family together with family and friends.

A chemex, due its triple ply filter, is the cleanest way to taste what specific beans have to offer in flavor and taste.

Various sizes of a the Chemex can be found on Amazon

6. Fellow Pour Over Kettle

The company got its start on a kick starter came in 2013 and now when it come to the best gooseneck to get, almost everyone has the Stagg on their list. It gives you variable temperature control and you can heat your water anywhere between 135°F to 212°F. (I recommend anywhere between 195 and 205 for pour over coffee) and temperature hold options.

It is is balanced perfectly for an accurate flow rate for pour over coffee possible and comes in variety of colors.

You can go direct to Fellow or look on Amazon

7. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The ember smart mug is not something that one would say you have to have it can be considered expensive for a coffee mug, but it is a unique gift that is fun to give to those who have just about everything else.

Its made of stainless steel, comes in 2 sizes (10oz and 14oz) and has a built in battery to keep your coffee at just the right temperature.

Its so interesting that it comes with its own app to change the temperature if you don’t want to do it on the mug itself

You can find it on Amazon, prices vary so you can what the latest is.

8. A Coffee Subscription

I have become a big fan of coffee subscription services lately since it can be hard to go to a local coffee shop in person with what is happening these days. That is why getting coffee from a Driftaway coffee makes the best coffee. When you sign up with Drift Away you have coffee delivered every 2 weeks or every month and it can even be sent with the right amount of coffee based on how much you drink (7oz,11oz or 1lb bags).

Each time coffee will from a different countries for those coffee drinkers who like to try different coffees from around the world but can’t travel there.

Each bag is matched to the persons taste and comes with their name on it! Lastly, the coffee can be delivered as whole bean, ground or even cold brew ready!

Currently 4, 4oz bags can be found on Amazon or you can go direct at

9. Huskee Environmental Coffee Cup

Not only is it stylish but it also helps to save the environment. Made out coffee husks (also referred to as coffee chaff) its a durable, reusable cup. In addition, it’s comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer! You can get in 6, 8 and 12oz and is dishwasher friendly.

Bottom line: Its a great looking cup that holds temperature well and best of all it is good for the environment!

The 12oz and other size can be found on Amazon

10. Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Anybody that like to drink iced coffee year round or coffee that has a little more kick too it would be thrilled to get a cold brew coffee. To make cold brew you simply take coarse ground coffee and room temperature water and let brew together for anywhere between 12-24 hours.

What you will get is a coffee that has more caffeine, sweeter and more mild tasting then hot brewed coffee and has very low acidity or bitterness. One of the best and easiest ways to make cold brew coffee is with the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Using this cold brewer you will end up with a stronger aroma and cleaner taste then other cold brew coffee brewers out there.

And best of all, it both easy to use and easy to clean.

Currently the best prices are on Amazon

11. Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder

If your coffee lover brews coffee using various brewing methods, they may like having a better way to organize all those different filter types and sizes. This Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder neatly stores all the filters for a standard coffee maker, an AeroPress, and a pour over and immersion coffee brewers and it looks so much better than that random stack of cardboard boxes.

There are a few variations of these and that you can look at on Amazon

12. Chorreador Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a coffee gift that is a little unusual, makes a great conversation piece and at the same time a great way to make coffee then the Chorreador is the one to get. I first saw this style of coffee maker when living in Costa Rica but it can be seen as far away as Argentina. The cloth sock helps keep out any coffee grinds but leaves the coffee tasting clean and full bodied.

There are alot different styles for this type of brewing but a handmade one from Cafe Tico currently costs $49.99 and is on of the best,

13. Baratza Virtuoso Grinder

Aside from fresh roasted whole bean coffee, this is the most important item a coffee person needs. The Baratza family of grinders has become the go to grinders for home use. Baratza makes quality, user friendly products that are easy to setup.

The grinders provide consistently reliable grind size, especially useful for pour-overs requiring mid-range and larger grind sizes. New features include front-facing button/electronic display for setting grind time .

Though it costs a bit more than the most basic model from Baratza, ( the encore) the difference in price is marginal over the expected lifetime, and I also appreciate that Baratza offers good customer support and options for repair/replacement of parts.

Go to Baratza direct or go to Amazon


When deciding on what would make the best coffee gift, you should take into consideration how they like to brew their coffee. Also, try to keep in mind how adventurous they are in experimenting with the many different ways coffee can be made and the taste difference with each method.

Understanding who the person your buying the coffee gift for will go a long way in picking the best possible present for the coffee “pro” in your life.