What is Snapchilled Coffee?

If you’re a coffee lover as I assume you are if you are reading this post, it’s a great time to be alive. Perhaps never before in the history of the modern world have so many different types of coffee concoctions been made available to the coffee-consuming public, with roasting techniques and brewing methods becoming more varied and sophisticated by the second.

Think about it: You can get your cup of coffee hot (earning a smile from the traditional coffee gods), you can get it iced (truly refreshing on a hot day), or you can opt for a cold brew (which is different from iced, oddly enough).

As if this smorgasbord of caffeine-laced goodness was not enough, an entirely new brewing process has appeared on the horizon in recent months, and it has the potential to turn the coffee world upside down yet again: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to introduce you to Snapchilling.

What is Snapchilled Coffee?

In a nutshell, Snapchilling is the process of brewing and then immediately super-cooling coffee in order to lock in flavor without allowing the coffee to oxidize or become diluted.

If this sounds like a technical undertaking, that’s because it actually is–in fact, it was masterminded by David Dussault, an MIT-educated mechanical engineer with in-depth expertise regarding heat exchange technology. Dussault invented the prototype of what would eventually become the “Snapchiller”, a sleek looking machine that rapidly chills freshly brewed hot coffee without compromising flavor.

The Snapchiller uses a submerged evaporator coil made of stainless steel in order to produce ready-to-drink chilled coffee that retains an extraordinary amount of flavor. You see, this is the major issue with cold brewed coffee–cold water simply doesn’t do that great of a job of extracting flavor from the grounds, And let’s face it–pouring java over ice isn’t much better, because dilution and oxidation will do their dirty work, preventing the fullness of the flavor from being realized.

The Snapchiller, on the other hand, features patented technology that can cool a beverage from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to only 40 degrees in a mere 60 seconds. In fact, courtesy of Dussault’s thermodynamic sorcery, the Snapchiller can cool beverages all the way down to a very frigid -10 degrees (yikes!) without using ice or chemicals.

Is Snapchilled Coffee is better then Iced or cold brew coffee?

We all know that a nice cup of cold coffee is a fantastic way to refresh the senses while getting your daily dose of caffeine, but the method by which you chill the coffee can often be its undoing. It’s no mystery that putting ice into coffee equals super-watery java after only about 5 or 10 minutes once the ice melts, so the only real way to get the most out of your cup of iced joe is to drink it very quickly.

As an alternative option to iced coffee or cold brew, cold brewing alleviates the whole watered-down issue, but this method usually takes a while (typically overnight). Not only that, but you will still have to strain your coffee when it comes time for you to use it. Snapchilling is a far superior method for prepping your favorite java drink, because it accomplishes the rapid cooling process with no ice, dilution, or lengthy freezing and subsequent thawing processes.

Where can you get snapchilled coffee?

By now you’re probably thinking “This sounds great! Now where can I get one of those Snapchill machines?” Well, there’s a slight hiccup to consider: There aren’t that many of these machines available right now, and they haven’t been reconnoitered for personal use at this point. In fact, you would have to pony up a little under $6,000 to get your hands on one at the current retail price.

If we’re being honest, that isn’t a price point that most people would consider to be affordable, no matter how strong our ambitions for scoring the perfect cup of joe might be. Fortunately, Dussault also co-founded Elemental Beverage Company, a boutique outfit that currently partners with a number of different coffee growers and roasteries to sell exclusive Snapchilled versions of their most delectable java creations. Below are some of the recent collaborations that Elemental Beverage has facilitated to offer canned Snapchilled coffee to the masses:

What is the best Single Origin Snapchilled Coffee?

KOLLA BOLCHA, ETHIOPIA – A fantastically juicy selection from this amazing growing region. For those who may not know, Ethiopia is an absolute haven for java growers, as the volcanic soil of the region offers so many rich nutrients that lend a unique and robust flavor to the coffees produced from this area. Featuring light body and fruity notes (as is customary for many Ethiopian coffees), the sweetness of this offering is delicate and far from overwhelming.

VISTA AL BOSQUE, GUATEMALA – You can’t mention quality coffee without bringing up Guatemala. This selection is replete with complex notes of creamy lemon curd and Gala apples, but then finishes with a range of pleasant but somewhat unexpected floral notes, primarily of chamomile.

EL MIRADOR, COLOMBIA – If you’re a fan of fruity coffees, this Snapchilled delight will be right up your alley. This selection is bursting with lively sweet flavors including starfruit and sour cherry, but then finishes with an surprising hint of Swiss chocolate.

The single-origin coffees mentioned above are available directly from the Elemental Beverage website

A couple of the more popular Snapchilled collaborations include:

TINKER COFFEE COMPANY ETHIOPIA DEMENKA BECHA – For java-loving residents in the Indianapolis area, Tinker Coffee Company is basically a household name, operating three locations in the metro Indy area. They recently teamed up with the fine folks at Elemental Beverage Company to offer Shapchilled versions of their Ethiopian-grown java (the current creation is Demenka Becha), but if you’re not able to visit one of their physical locations, you will have to order online directly from the Elemental website

GEORGE HOWELL COFFEE: MONTECARLOS (EL SALVADOR) – Boston java icon George Howell teamed up with Elemental to create this special Snapchilled blend that is light, refreshing, and packed with wonderfully diverse notes of fresh tangerine along with nougat and milk chocolate. It’s available directly from the Elemental website as well.

Final Thoughts

With proprietary technology as its calling card, Snapchilled coffee has all of the hallmarks of being a game-changer for the java universe. If you’re ready to venture out onto the cutting edge of coffee, consider giving these innovative beverages a try–you might just become a raving fan as well.