What is Americano Cofffee

What is Americano Coffee? (Vs Long Black and Drip)

What is an Americano Coffee

Americano coffee is a shot of espresso mixed with hot water, producing a rich cup of coffee with a nice layer of crema on top. Its different from a long black and drip coffee in both its flavors and brew methods

One of the questions that was asked the most was at the coffee shop was what t is an Americano coffee? and then quickly follow with how is it different from Drip coffee? or what is the difference between an Americano and a Long Black?

Now, lets go over in more detail what an Americano coffee is, how to make one and what makes it different from both the Long Black and Drip Coffee.

If you want to learn how to make an Americano coffee, take a look at this article for all the details

Who Invented The Americano Coffee?

The Americano, which comes from the Italian word for a person from the United States, came about at an interesting time in history.

The story has it that During World War 2 the American soldiers who were stationed or passing through Italy at this time, thought the coffee that was served to them was too strong compared to the black coffee they were used to drinking.

Therefore, since they were not used to such strong tasting coffee, they asked if there was any way to make it taste less strong.

So what did the Italians do? They did what was logical and easy to make it less strong tasting and that was simply to add hot water to the espresso.

And that’s it! The Americano was born!

Whether you are making the espresso at home or if your getting one at a coffee shop, the whole brewing process takes about 30 seconds (I have a whole article on espresso if you are interested in learning more) and translates into a stronger tasting coffee then the drip method.

When drinking an Americano coffee, the flavor of the beans are more pronounced due to the espresso brewing method and you get a little more oiliness since there is no filter paper.

Americano Vs Long Black?

How to Make an Americano Coffee

When people would come into my shop and ask for an Americano, I would sometimes ask them if they want an Americano or a Long Black. Naturally, they would ask what is the difference.. I would go on to explain that its basically the same drink the only difference being the order in which the espresso is poured into the cup.

With an Americano the espresso is poured first and then the water is added, whereas with a long black, which, by the way was created in Australia, is just the opposite. The water is poured first and then the espresso is added.

What is the reason for this? Well, the theory goes by adding the espresso second the crema stays on top of the drink and you therefore avoid burning the taste of the espresso. Personally, I cannot tell the difference between the two even when I did a side by side taste test but hey what do I know?

Americano Vs Drip Coffee

How to make an Americano Coffee

They are two completely different coffee drinks and since they are prepared so differently, they taste nothing like each other. Here are a few key differences between the two drinks:

  • Grind size
  • Water to coffee ratio
  • How long it takes each to brew

Drip coffee, not pour over methods such as the Chemex and V60 takes medium ground coffee and puts it through a coffee brewer then lets gravity do its thing.

You end up with brewed coffee is say a 5 minute period (depends on the brewer). With this type of brewing method, typically you get more sweetness and clarity of flavor

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far, I hope you now have a better understanding on what an Americano coffee is and how it is different from similar types coffee drinks like Drip Coffee and the Long Black. In the end you just have to try all 3, and figure out which one tastes better to you.

If you have anything to add or have a preference for any one of these methods, let me and others. know!