Exploring the Weird World of Bacon Coffee

Coffee, as we all know, is one of the world’s most beloved morning rituals. That first cup in the morning can make even the dreariest Monday feel full of promise. But in the ever-evolving world of coffee, there are always new tastes to explore – and the latest adventurous flavor is definitely bacon. Yes, you read that correctly… bacon flavored coffee is now a thing.

From novelty gift to sought-after specialty blend, read on to learn all about this curious combination of breakfast favorites, how it tastes, and whether a dash of pork flavor could become the next big coffee trend.

The Backstory Behind Bacon Coffee

While it may seem like an absurd gag gift or silly stunt blend, coffee and bacon have actually been combined for years. Early internet accounts of home coffee experimentation with bacon oils or bacon bits date back over a decade.

The novelty caught on and small batch bacon coffee started appearing at quirky local cafes or special events celebrating uniquely pork-loving towns. The name “Bacon Nation” was even trademarked in 2008 by a company planning to sell bacon beverages before the concept was fully mainstream.

But it was the launch of J&D Foods signature Bacon Coffee in 2010 that brought salty, smoky coffee into the gourmet spotlight. Marketed as “the strangest cup of coffee you will ever drink,” it sold exceptionally well at high profile food shows and went on to become available for online orders.

Other custom coffee companies and roasters began offering their own bacon-brewed varieties to please adventurous palates. As bacon mania continued, everyone wanted to sip the quirky cup that was making headlines.

How Do You Make Bacon Flavored Coffee?

Coffee with an extra hint of bacon can be created in a few different ways depending on how direct you want the flavor integration to be.

The simplest approach is using a flavored additive like syrup or sprinkles to give a sweet, smoky impression. This may incorporate bacon extracts, seasonings, or faux bacon bits to finish off brewed coffee without altering the base beans.

Another technique infuses coffee grounds directly with bacon fat, oil, or rendered drippings during the roasting process. The pork fat permeates the beans to impart a meaty richness and savory taste. Some artisan small batch roasters even play with wood-smoking beans over fires containing bacon drippings.

The most literal translation includes brewing coffee alongside bacon – either a single strip placed directly in the pot, or a full batch of fried bacon soaking in the coffee water. This imparts pronounced bacon essences through the direct transmission of aromas, flavors, and oils.

How Does Bacon Coffee Taste?

Bacon coffee hybrids run the gamut from subtle maple sweetness to full-on meat mouthful. It depends on the brewing method and just how much pig flavor makes the cut.

Many bacon coffee blends focus on accentuating common compliments found in breakfast pairings – touches of maple, butter, caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, or nutty hints. These replicate the most pleasant parts of eating crispy bacon alongside your morning mug.

When the coffee itself takes on bacon dimensions from fat-infusing or rashers steeping in the pot, the taste can be polarizing. The savory, salty, smoky meatiness is front and center. It may be too intense for those that don’t want their coffee to also function as breakfast protein.

The aroma though tends to be more universally appealing with rich, maple forward top notes. Even skeptics find merit in the scent. The question is whether you personally want that bacon impression hitting your tongue too.

Pros and Cons of Dunkin’ Pork in Your Cup

Besides being a totally unique coffee experience, here are a few of the advantages that bacon brews can offer:


  • Incredible aroma right from the roaster or coffee pot. Even bacon haters agree it smells amazing.
  • Intensifies savory qualities sought in coffee by black coffee purists. Adds a new level of flavor complexity.
  • Imparts a silky, indulgent mouthfeel from bacon fats infusing the brew.
  • Taps into a universal flavor profile – the classic salty, sweet combo is prized by tastebuds.
  • Blends breakfast traditions into one efficient cup instead of separate preparations.

However, there are a few reasons this novelty cup won’t be for everyone:


  • Overpowers lighter, more subtly flavored beans preferred by some coffee connoisseurs.
  • Bacon particles over-extracted in the brew can be unappetizing in texture.
  • The taste may be cloying or just too meaty for enjoyment if you don’t want pork products in your coffee.
  • Health conscious drinkers may see excessive bacon flavor at odds with coffee’s antioxidant advantages.
  • Requires unconventional brewing techniques that alter equipment with challenging to remove residue.
  • Strong aroma and flavor could be disruptive professional settings or bother nearby patrons.

Will Bacon Coffee Catch On or Fizzle Out?

There are certainly many coffee drinkers quite literally eating up the novelty of bacon brews and happy to embrace the full flavor experience. Especially as limited-edition seasonal offerings, it taps into that exclusive over-the-top spirit so integral to pumpkin spice latte fandom.

Specialty coffee experts are also increasingly interested in savory dimensions through custom drying processes, artisanal wood roasting, and inclusion of ingredients like mushrooms or roast vegetables. Bacon coffee aligns with this openness to unique umami touches.

However, there are still plenty of coffee junkies that shudder at the concept of meat muddying the purity of their daily grind. For many habitual coffee drinkers, overpowering the subtle notes of favored beans would be considered sacrilege. And health-focused consumers may not want additives like fat, preservatives, or excess sodium amping up an otherwise antioxidant rich beverage.

Social media buzz and press headlines also play a role in driving interest and perception. As intrigue and opinions continue circulating, more establishments may add bacon coffee drinks to their menus. But without sustained viral chatter, another fleeting flavor like charcoal or CBD coffee may overtake its novelty soon enough.

Ultimately tastebuds en masse may not crave that constant hit of hog. But for the bacon obsessed or adventurous coffee pros out there, this quirky niche brew offers a bold new way to energize your mornings with a full serving of porky personality.

The easiest way to try this bacon flavored coffee is to buy a bag from say Amazon or even better, your local roaster, if they are doing it, and see if it’s something you like.