How to make a breve

What is a Breve Coffee and How to Make One

A breve coffee, is an espresso-based drink that uses half and half instead of milk. The half and half is steamed and then mixed with the espresso. It is also commonly known as a cafe breve or a latte breve.

If you’re looking for something else to give your coffee a nice light flavor, your search has just ended, as in this article we’ll be taking a look at one of the most underrated and underappreciated coffee drinks out there: a breve

We also take a close look at the origins of the breve, how to make one, and figure out if it’s healthier than a latte. Read on to find out more.

What is the Origin of the Breve?

The origins of this coffee drink can’t be traced to one cafe or one event, as people have been having this drink for a long time, granted, in different variations.

The standard form of a breve and the one most people are familiar with is much fluffier than a regular latte, and that texture comes from using a combination cream and milk. (i.e. Half and Half)

The result is a much creamier and heavier drink, one that can really get you on your feet at the start of the day, while also being a nice treat to end a long workday.

How Do You Make a Breve Coffee?

Now that we’ve got the basic definitions out of the way, it’s time to get to how one is actually made.

But before anything else, you have to make sure you have the right ingredients for one. Don’t worry, as this is a fairly simple concoction, you won’t need too many things to get started.


  • Cold Half and Half Cream
  • 1 or 2 Shots of Espresso
  • Your Favorite Coffee Mug

Step by Step Directions

Step 1. Make one or two shots of espresso.

Step 2. Foam the half-and-half. Use either the steaming wand with your espresso machine or use an Automatic Electric Milk Frother.

Step 3. Slowly pour in the mixture into your favorite cup and use a spoon to pull the foam into the cup (don’t scoop the foam).

Step 4. Pour in the coffee as slowly as possible. The half-and-half is thick enough to hold some of the coffee up on top of the cup. You’ll know you did it right and the drink is ready when you have a nice fade at the top of the cup.

Step 5. Once you have that done, all you have to do is sweeten to taste (or don’t sweeten at all) and your breve is ready for you to drink!

Brewing Tips

The most important ingredient to the breve is the steamed half-and-half. As mentioned, this is a mixture of half whole milk and half light cream. You can make it a home by mixing half whole milk and half cream. Or you could just buy half and half from your local grocery store, but what would the fun be in that?)

It’s important that you use cold milk and light cream (half and half) and a steaming wand or Electric Milk Frother in order to get the right texture. Mix the two substances together and steam it at a temperature of 160-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The amount and kind of espresso you use depends on the flavor and strength you want, but anywhere between one and two espresso shots will usually do the trick.

Does a Breve Taste Better than a Latte?

Short answer is: Maybe… Since breve uses cream instead of milk, it definitely has more fat than a latte, especially if you use heavy cream instead of light cream so it tastes really good!

However, because of this, the calorie count of a breve is through the roof and is much heavier than a latte.

It’s for this reason that even if you prefer having one instead of a latte every morning won’t be the healthiest option for you. Though there’s nothing wrong with having one every day if you like it better than a latte, as long as you know what you’re putting into your body.

Since the calorie count is so high and there is a lot of fat in breve, it’s probably best to drink one on occasion and sticking to your regular cup of coffee or your normal latte on most days.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. All the basics of a breve.

It’s a great coffee drink to have at any time of the day. It’s creamy, rich, and most importantly, tastes great! This is a great substitute for anyone looking for a milky and creamy coffee drink that isn’t a latte.

A breve isn’t the healthiest option out there, as it has a lot of fat. But as long as you’re keeping an eye on what you’re consuming and are genuinely enjoying the drink, there’s nothing wrong with having one of these delicious treats as much as you want!