Whipped or Dalong Coffee

How to Make Whipped (Dalgona) Coffee in 7 Easy Steps

There are a lot of ways to make coffee and one of the most popular right now on social media is whipped coffee. I never knew how much people like to drink this type of coffee and I wanted to know how to make one. Therefore, I decided to research how to make a Whipped (Dalgona) Coffee and here’s what I found.

Whipped (Dalgona) coffee comes from South Korea and is made using a combination of instant coffee, sugar, water and your favorite milk. Its a light and frothy coffee that is as easy to make as it is to drink.

Making whipped (Dalgona) coffee is a easy process that will not require alot of preparation or forethought. If you want to learn how to make whipped coffee read on to see how its done!

What is Whipped (Dalgona) Coffee?

Whipped (Dalgona) coffee involves putting air into a mixture of coffee and sugar with a spoon, whisk or mixer until it becomes thick and frothy. and you end up with a thick, creamy light colored mixture.

This method of whipping the coffee mix is what gives the coffee the name Whipped Coffee. When the coffee mix in incorporated into the milk after stirring, the air is released creating a delicious froth of top of the coffee..

How Do You Make Whipped (Dalgona) Coffee?

Whipped coffee goes by different names as well; some call it beaten coffee; others say it is very similar to a Indian cappuccino. Whatever name it goes by, the process and the taste will be almost the same. Of course, it depends on which instant coffee you decide to use in the first place.


  • Hot Water
  • Instant Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Whisk (Electric or Manual)
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Mason Jar (or your favorite cup)

Step by Step Instructions

As the name suggests, the main operative part of preparing whipped coffee is by beating. If you wish to know the step-by-step process, here it is:

Step 1. Measure out 2 tablespoons of instant coffee

Step 2. Add 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons water to it.

Step 3. Now use a Whisk to vigorously beat the mixture. It may take up to 5 minutes for the mix to reach a paste-like foamy condition.

Step 4. Grab your mason jar and add some ice cubes

Step 5. Add a 1/2 cup of cold milk (regular, oat or even almond)

Step 6. Finally add your fluff or whipped coffee mixture on top

Step. 7 Mix Until Combined

This is how simple it is. If you wish to make a larger amount to serve more people, you will need more instant coffee powder. A cup may not be sufficient; use a bowl instead.

The Popularity of Whipped Coffee

The growth of social media platforms like instagram, Tiktok etc, has resulted in a faster exchange of ideas and drink recipes and the like across the world. And because of this, people are always searching to find new ways of making and drinking coffee.

The issue that comes from this is that often there is a delay between when it becomes popular on social media and when it becomes more readily available in stores or shops.

This is the case with whipped coffee. We all know you can always hop across to a McDonald’s or a Starbucks to enjoy a burger or coffee. However, when you want to have a whipped coffee whether iced or hot you will probably have to make it at home.

Thankfully, making this type of coffee drink is fairly simple and you do not need many ingredients.

Can You Store Whipped coffee?

Once you have made the whipped coffee, if you have some left over then you can put into a airtight container and then put it in the refrigerator. It will stay reasonably well for up to 7 days generally speaking but the sooner you can use it the better.

The one thing you don want to do with whipped coffee is put it in the freezer.

Tips and Notes

Some people make the mistake of using the wrong coffee powder. Within the instant coffee powder range, you should get the granular type of instant coffee and not the finely ground one.

The finely powdered one won’t generate the foam even if you were to try to beat it for half an hour. So, don’t waste your time. If the store near you stocks the Indian instant coffee variety, that might be the best choice.

If you are good at experimenting, you may try a couple of instant coffee powders before deciding on the best one for your whipped coffee.

If you decide to use blender instead of a whisk or a spoon, do not use a immersion blender because if you do so the heat that is generated by using it will make the coffee taste bitter.

Whipped Coffee Variations

There are minor variations possible with this process. You can add a small quantity of milk with the water while whipping the instant coffee and sugar.

You can use a spoon instead of the whisk, in which case the time taken for the foamy cream to be beaten up will be a little longer .

You can also make, as I briefly mentioned above, an Indian Cappuccino which is basically made the same way. The main difference being how you make the milk to turn it into a Cappuccino.

You can add a pinch of cinnamon powder on top or maybe try putting some chocolate on top of it.

If you want to make a hot version of this simply by substituting hot milk instead of the cold milk and ice.

Final Thoughts

Whipped coffee may not be the type of coffee you have first thing in the morning with your breakfast. It is more like a leisurely indulgence on a weekend evening at home, when the family spends some quality time together.

You can also make whipped coffee if you have friends over and see if they like the flavor and taste of whipped coffee. You can also post it to Instagram or Tiktok and help spread the word on this new way of drinking coffee.